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About Mindfulness


"Mindful awareness is paying attention to present moment experiences with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to be with what is." - Diana Winston

"Mindfulness is simply paying attention to the present moment. With kindness and acceptance for whatever is occurring, we practice directing our minds towards what is actually happening right now." - Briony Beveridge

Mindfulness Meditations


Mindfulness Apps


  • Insight Timer App - A wide variety of meditations are available.  Briony recommends: 

    • Breath Meditation – Sharon Salzberg

    • Breathing Meditation – Jack Kornfield

    • Body Scan – Elisha Golstein

    • Being with difficulty - Nick Kientsch

    • Loving-Kindness with Self-Compassion – Kristin Neff

  • Headspace App - An entertaining introduction to mindfulness

  • Buddhify - Meditations for use in daily life





The following exercises are some of Briony's favourites.  A physiotherapist can tell you which exercises are appropriate and most important for you.

  • Lower body exercises for backs, hips and knees

    • Single leg deadlift or airplane - Keep those hips level! No need to use a weight at first.

    • Knee drive​  - Watch the alignment of your front knee and try to keep your hips level - feel it in your side-glute!

    • Bent knee fall out - Keep your core engagement nice and gentle

    • Halfmoon to warrior three - Watch your hip alignment and feel the burn in your standing glute.  Use a wall or a table for stability at first if needed.

    • Lunges - Keep an eye for a wobbly front knee, and try not to let the front knee move inwards.

    • Deadlift - With or without weights

    • Bird dog - Using a stick is helpful but not necessary

  • Low back pain self-management exercises (evidence-based!)


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