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Briony offers compassionate and evidence-based physiotherapy in the Comox Valley so you can take charge of your recovery from pain and injury.

Have you been living with pain for far too long?

Modern science tells us that at least a portion of your pain is due to changes in your nervous system.  The good news?  Briony can show you how to reverse those changes and help your body re-adapt to a healthier, less painful state.


What Briony Offers

  • One on one appointments lasting at least 30 minutes

  • A thorough physical assessment

  • An evidence-based solution

  • Traditional physiotherapy approaches (such as hands-on therapy and exercise prescription) to treat:

    • aches and pains in all parts of the body

    • injuries like a sprained ankle or a tweaked shoulder

  • Modern pain neuroscience and mindfulness-based approaches that are especially helpful for people who:

    • have been living with pain for a long time

    • have emotional pain (eg. anxiety or depression) as well as physical pain

    • are worried that exercise will make their pain worse

  • A philosophy of empowering her clients with the knowledge and skills needed to take an active role in their rehabilitation

Briony Beveridge Physiotherapist Physiotherapy Pain Management
Briony's Approach
Pain Neuroscience Chronic Pain Physiotherapy

Understanding what pain is and why it lasts can create a shift in perspective that empowers you to get back to what you’ve been missing.

Briony uses modern pain science knowledge to guide your rehabilitation program.

Physiotherapy Briony Beveridge Comox

Specific physiotherapy exercises help injured tissues heal faster and stronger. 


Manual therapy provides helpful input to your joints and muscles to get things moving sooner. 


Turning attention towards the present has positive effects on the nervous system, muscle tension, and pain.

Increased awareness of your own body and mind sets you up to take wise action for your own well being.


As Briony works, she is always compassionate, professional, and thorough. She listens carefully to her clients' needs, and develops successful plans to meet them. I recommend her without reservation.
- Dr. Alli Powers, physiotherapy colleague


Are you a health care professional?

Find out more about who would benefit most from Briony's approach.  

Or, shoot me a message if you are interested in collaborating - I love to co-treat patients.

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